Minority Business Consortium

Santa Clara Major Projects and Future Projects

Major preperations are being made to bring Bart to San Jose. The Berryessa connections in now under way.
The San Francisco 49er stadium project is an example of major projects in our county that requires the services that we provide to build capacity in their contracting opportunities.


Minority Business Consortium

The Minority Business Consortium (MBC) was formed to:

  • Help corporations, academic institutions and government agencies benefit from the rich diversity and talent available in underrepresented communities.
  • Open doors for minority communities, women, veterans and small businesses to gain access to contracts, recruitment, and retention and create a “fully” diverse work environment.

We do this by developing a strategic plan with targeted outreach that effectively provides WMBE's access to major capital campaigns. MBC helps “under-represented” individuals and businesses successfully obtain employment and management positions.

Where other outreach efforts have failed, MBC's approach is EFFECTIVE in reaching diverse communities, developing trust and walking individuals and businesses through a process that results in a SUCCESSFUL outcome.

By increasing minority and disadvantage business contracting opportunities we assist agencies and contractors working on governmental projects reach their mandated DBE & WMBE goals.

These are the Diverse Business communities we serve....

  • African American
  • Asian
  • East Indian
  • LGBT
  • Hispanic/Latino
  • Veterans
  • Vietnamese
  • Women
  • and other protected classes

The Minority Business Consortium invites you to join us as we develop the strong mechanisms for building a vibrant business community that supports inclusion and provides long term stability for minority businesses in Silicon Valley.

We also, with our partners, help develop opportunities for jobs and job training in the skilled labor force of our community. MBC supports and promotes educating students from the middle school through high school in the opportunities available in the construction industry and how they can get college degrees in the construction trades. Everything from architecture, to engineering to hands on trades are accessible.

Additionally, we recruit and train minority employees to work on capital projects and we recruit union business that may benefit from certifications.



Minority Business Consortium
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Minority Business Consortium
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